Thank you for your interest in the 300th Army Band.  The 300th has numerous performing groups that can provide the appropriate style of music for a variety of military and civilian public events.

Please be aware, we cannot support every request we receive.  Civilian requests should be submitted at least 90 days prior to the event , and military organizations should provide no less than 60 days advance notice.

Also, please keep in mind that Army bands are specifically prohibited from participating in the following:
  • Performance of background, dinner, or dance music at events sponsored by other than military or official Government entities.  Attendance by military or government dignitaries does not necessarily constitute an official function.  Such events may still be classified as prohibited.
  • Political meetings, ceremonies and like events, whether on or off a military installation.
  • Public programs held away from a military installation where the band is expected to perform back-up support for other entertainers, unless the band performs as a featured participant and has received a waiver from the American Federation of Musicians.
  • Events, other than certain fundraising events or sporting events, for which there is an admission or other fee imposed.
  • Events, other than normal military commitments, for which band participation would selectively benefit or appear to selectively benefit any person, group, or corporation. This applies to all affiliations (profit, nonprofit, religious or quasi-religious, sectarian, ideological, fraternal, political, or commercial).
  • Motion picture premieres or regular movie presentations, fashion shows, or similar events sponsored or conducted for the sole benefit of commercial interests.
  • Parades (such as Christmas parades) sponsored primarily to support the commercial aspects of a holiday or event.
  • Civilian-sponsored beauty contests or pageants and similar events.
  • Events that are solely designed to stimulate sales or increase commercial business.
To request the band for a performance, please click on the link below, fill out the request form, and return the form to:

300th Army Band
5340 Bandini Blvd
Bell, CA 90201

If you have additional questions, or if you need to speak to a band representative, please call 323-307-3347.

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